​…. RISING IN THE SPIRIT OF INNOVATIONA national level techno-management fest, Aaruush, provides the students with the perfect opportunity to utilize their knowledge in practical applications that require innovation and out of the box thinking. Spread across four days, it confronts the students with challenges for which the passive classroom lecture would prove insufficient. The challenges include real life scenarios, present and future problems of the nation and many other technological impediments. Thinking, planning and executing their ideas helps in the overall development of India’s future work force.Aaruush has had 4 successful editions which has seen a footfall of more than 15,000 in each edition. This clearly establishes the popularity that it enjoys with the students, who come to participate from all parts of the country in huge numbers.
This is the 5th edition of the fest and its well set to transcend all boundaries.
07 September at 09:00 – 10 September at 12:00

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