Stressing that leadership is critical to take the nation forward and calling upon students to turn every crisis into an opportunity, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh told young graduants at SRM University’s 11th Convocation that it is an exciting time for India as the country is the most happening place on the globe today.

“ Some renowned economists and analysts are say that by 2050 India is going to be one of the three largest economies in the world. I feel that if we drive our economy with deftness, we could be the Number one economy in the world”, the Chief Minister said. Mr. Naidu was the Chief Guest the Convocation where 5615 students were awarded the B.Tech, B.Arch and B.Des degrees as also 63 doctoral candidates who were awarded the Ph.D degree.
The Chief Minister said that students have a huge role in this gigantic task of taking India forward. “I believe that the future of our country will be decided by your innovation. Your knowledge and its application. Your entrepreneurship. Your dedication. Your commitment. In other words, India’s future is on your shoulders”, Mr. Naidu said. “If you grow, India grows. If you innovate, India innovates. If you shine, India shines. If you build an entrepreneurial culture, India becomes an enterprising nation. But if you falter, India falters”, he added.
Lavishing praise on SRM University and its Founder Chancellor for putting together a first rate educational institution and for imparting quality education, Mr. Naidu invited the Founder Chancellor to come and set up an SRM University in Andhra Pradesh. “But it should be better than SRM Chennai” Mr. Naidu said to laughter in the audience. “Your Chancellor has created a best University and a best campus. It is better than any government run institution or private. Everybody is talking about SRM University”, the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister told the graduating class.
“If you think nothing is possible, then nothing is. But if you think everything is possible, then it is possible. Convert every crisis into an opportunity”, Mr. Naidu urged students citing his own example of trying to build the state of Andhra Pradesh. “… we went through a painful process of division. We are left with a huge 16,000 crore revenue deficit. We don’t have a capital city. We do not have infrastructure, nor do we have institutions. We do not have enough office space to work from. We are in a crisis… I am confident that we can turn this crisis into an opportunity”, Mr. Naidu remarked.

Prior to the start of the Convocation, Mr. Naidu witnessed a short presentation on the Research activities and future plans of faculty and student community; and also went on a tour of the campus with the Founder Chancellor.
Recalling the long association with Andhra Pradesh and maintaining that this will continue in the future, the President of SRM University, Dr. R.P. Sathyanarayanan pointed out that nearly 20 per cent of SRM students at its main campus hailed from Andhra Pradesh. “ Mr. Naidu is known as a Common Man’s Chief Minister, known for his simplicity and humility”, the President said going on to add that he was also a visionary and a high-tech Chief Minister who has used technology for public administration, good governance and for the people of his state. “Now he is in the process of putting together a state of the art Capital City of Amaravathi”, Dr. Sathyanaranayan said.

In his address the Vice Chancellor of SRM University, Professor Prabir K Bagchi pointed out that in a land of about 1.3 billion people and with zillions of institutions of higher learning India has not been able to have a University in the top 200 of global ranking. “And that is where my priorities are going to be on a war footing… My accent will be on not only keeping SRM University at the top but taking it to higher levels”.

Professor Bagchi said that SRM University has instituted the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Distinguished Professorship in honor of our late beloved President who was universally seen as a scientist, scholar and a life-long student. In addition, the University is setting up a Fund for Academic Excellence that will be focused on different aspects of higher learning such as teaching, research and innovation.

The Founder Chancellor of the SRM Group of Institutions, Dr. T.R. Paarivendhar presided over the Convocation.

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