Actor Kamal Hassan has appealed to the educated youth to join the entertainment industry as it needed more of them now than before.
Speaking at the inaugural function of Milan 09, an annual national level inter-college cultural extravaganza, at SRM University on Friday, the actor added that they should look at joining the film world only after completing their studies.
“There are a lot of engineers and doctors and the entertainment industry now needs educated young people,” he said.
It did not mean that all of them should end up becoming only actors.
He pointed out that use of technology offers enormous potential for students keen on taking up a satisfying career in the film industry. “It offers many positions for students to pursue their career,” Mr. Kamal Hassan said.
Addressing several thousand students from across the country who had converged at the auditorium, he recalled that he himself had not completed school. “Some people call me a scientist. But I am a high school dropout,” he said as the audience burst into peels of laughter and applause.
His father repeatedly exhorted him to take up studies and to pursue a Ph.D even while being an actor. “I told him that I will do Ph.D someday, but it has never come,” he said, adding that an actor could be an IAS officer or a doctorate too.
Mr. Kamal Hassan made it clear that students should complete their studies

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