Soumadeep Guha, a final year BTech student from the Software Department of SRM University cracked the Common Aptitude Test 2012 with a score of 99.93 percentile. The Common Aptitude Test or CAT,a nation-wide examination for admissions into the country’s top business schools announced its results recently. Soumadeep has been called for Group Discussion and interview roundfrom many of the IIMs namely A,C,L, Shillong and Kozhikode. Speaking to Spectrum about his achievement Soumadeep said, “Disciplined work and realisation of strengths are very important for one to succeed.I worked for four hours a day and started from scratch. I solved basic questions and built up my confidence steadily. I never judged any question before solving it and took up each and every question seriously.” He also believes that his persistence to excel and the mock tests conducted by theon campus branch of ‘Career Launcher’ helped him analyse his weaknesses and gave him a clear picture of the loop holes in his preparations. Though heexpected a good score, such a high score was a big surprise to him, he says. Soumadeep is now currently gearing up toclear the personal interviews. Talking about his success mantra he says, “I analysed myself first and then my subjects. One need not study all day to crack the CAT. Setting up a routine and sticking to it is important. I used some of the good books in the market and built up myconfidence steadily

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