Chennai: It was a day of reckonning for the SRM University chancellor Thandavarayapuram Ramasamy Pachamuthu when he was conferred the doctorate by the Faculty of Technology, Engineering and Environment, Birmingham City University( BCU )today.

The title was conferred for the excellent work rendered by him in the field of Engineering and Technology eduction .
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The BCU in its citation has detailed the extra ordinary work done by T R Pachamuthu and his family in bringing education closer to the people of India.

Delighted T R Pachamuthu in his acceptance speech said that he is greatly honoured by the conferrement of the degree as it is a honour for the SRM University. acknowledging long ties between UK and India.

By conferreing the honour the BCU is ascertaining the path of multicultural ethos of the great city of Birmingham.

The students enrolling themselves in Engineering and Medicine streams have a human face and they should learn more languages economic and other social and behavavioural sciences subjects and reciprocally the students of humanities should understand biology and other natural science subjects so that they can equip themselves to live intelligently in the world.

Advocating the scheme of multidimensional curriculamT R Pachamuthu stressed the importance splitting the curriculam to the needs of the modern day saying 50% of the time to be allocated for reading compulsory subects,25% on releated electives and the rest of 25% on fulfilling the needs of one's passion.

Concluding the speech quoting couplets from Thirukkural he said Learn properly and follow accordingly and advocated that compassion and kindness for all human beings.

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