The Class 12 students would write exams from 10.00 AM to 1.15 PM.

Time Table:

Date:               Day:            Subject:

3rd March 2014 Monday Tamil Paper - I

5th March 2014 Wednesday Tamil Paper – II

 6th March 2014 Thursday English Paper – I

 7th March 2014 Friday English Paper – II

 10th March 2014 Monday Physics, Economics

13th March 2014 Thursday Business, Geography, Home Science

14th March 2014 Friday Mathematics, Biology, Microbiology

 17th March 2014 Monday Chemistry, Accountancy

20th March 2014 Thursday Biology, History, Botany, Business Mathematics

24th March 2014 Monday Political Science, Nursing Science

25th March 2014 Tuesday Computer Science, Biochemistry Please Note:


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