The SRM University, as one of it’s yet another best efforts commemorates the birth anniversary of Dr. Abdul Kalam as ‘’THE STUDENTS DAY’’. The celebration was well organized by Paarivendhar Students Tamil Association a unit of Tamil Academy of the University. This student Association makes efforts to promote and enrich the various abilities of the students in the field of Tamil language, Literary forms and various arts of Tamils.
A collection of songs on him “Ennaalum engal nenjil” composed by the students, teachers and the non – teaching members of the faculty and the Tamil Quarterly Journal titled as ‘Kavi Maalai’ were released on the occasion by the Chancellor of the University Dr. Paarivendhar, which were received by P. Jayaseelan, the general secretary of the Indiya Jananaayaga Katchi
On the day, a poetry session was held under the Presidentship of advocate V. Balu, “Ever in our Minds” in which Dr. Abdul Kalam was hououred with poetry recitations by the Tamil film industry writers, Arun Chidambaram, Chorko, Thamizhamudan and Amudhini
Arivumadhi. The faculty members, Dr. Ilangovan, Ravi and the students, Naren Kumar, Padmalochini, Sarathkumar, Grasy, Gunabalan and karthika presented their poems on Dr. Abdul Kalam. The students R. Chitra, N. Neelaveni and C. Prasanna sang songs on Kalam.
An introductory address was delivered by M.S. Rajendran, Policy Propaganda Secretary, of Indhiya Janaayaga Katchi. The event was grandly organised by the Director of the Faculty of Science and Humanities and effectively conducted by Dr. L. Sundaram, Dr. Jayganesh and the student convenor of the association, R. Arunachalam.

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