“Why so many successful companies like Google, Yahoo etc get born in USA and not in India? One of the answers would be great synergy between finance, world class research universities and the start-up culture that exists in USA. Fuse these three and you get a chemical explosion”, said Dr. Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, Professor of management at Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK during an interaction with the students of SRM University. Dr. Ted was at the campus on a goodwill visit and the students spent the evening with him soliciting his views on varied topics ranging from Business models to office politics to women empowerment and prediction of the outcome of US elections. One of the students asked him to highlight one great challenge he faced while serving in more than 36 corporate boards. To this he replied “Few challenges were around leadership, product design, corporate governance, unethical behavior and succession question”
Dr. Ted served as Research Professor at Yale University and is currently the Vice-Chairman of Polaris. He holds a PhD in International political economy from university of Toronto. He is the great grandson of former US President Theodore Roosevelt.
Dr. Sathyanarayanan, President of SRM University while addressing the gathering said that it is our honour to have Dr. Ted who hails from the family which had given two great Presidents of USA.

Dr. T.P. Ganesan, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Planning & Development) welcomed Dr. Theodore Roosvelt and introduced him to the august audience. Dr.  N. Sethuraman , Registrar, proposed the vote of thanks.

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