Day 0, Aaruush'16: 
Aaruush’ 16 started off with an inaugural on the 27th of September which was graced by dignitaries such as our Chief Guest Mr. Dilip Chhabria, our Vice Chancellor Dr. Prabir Bagchi, Director of E&T Dr. C. Muthamizhchelvan, Director of Research Dr. D. Narayana Rao, Director of Students & Campus Life Col. C. H. Ramchandani, Financial Advisor Dr. V. M. Ponniah, Estate Officer Mr. V. Thirumurugan and the Convener of Aaruush’16.  The inaugural started with a message from the Secretary of Aaruush’16, Ravi Teja Potla welcoming everyone to the inaugural. Followed by which the Joint Secretary of Aaruush, Aditya Kamal gave a brief description of the entire four days of the fest. 
Our Vice-Chancellor Dr. Prabir Bagchi then addressed the gathering, highlighting the importance of such fests. The Aaruush magazine, an epitome of the successful editions of Aaruush was then launched by the Chief Guest. After his address, the Convener of Aaruush’16, Dr. A. Rathinam gave an introduction for the Chief Guest Mr. Dilip Chhabria who then took the stage to deliver an interesting and inspiring presentation. 
The function was concluded with the Aaruush’16- Video Digest, a video summarizing the entire four days, and the Vote of Thanks delivered by Nithin Mukundakumar PRO of Aaruush’16. The fest will initialize with a host of events on the 28th of September including Guest Lectures, Championships, Workshops and much more. Following the inaugural was the Aaruush Nites where hundreds of enthusiastic students thronged the stairs of the Tech Park and swayed to the music of the live band and the DJ. Fireworks set out brought the day 0 to a close. We hope you would like to attend the next four days of the fest.

Day 1 Aaruush'16

SRM University saw the kick off of its national level techno-management fest Aaruush’16. The fest which is in it's tenth edition put to start it's guest lecture series on the 28th of September starting with Srijan Pal Singh, the social entrepreneur and co-author of Target 3 Billion along with the late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam where he talked about the importance of innovating with a social mindset. The series ended for the day with Mr. Abhas Mitra, An Astrophysicist whose alternate model for the black hole won him huge recognition all over the world.

The first rounds of all the technical events under the 14 domains spread across disciplines of both engineering and management also commenced.There was also the Hacktrack workshop by the famous ethical hacker Mr. Ankit Fadia, Diesel vehicle overhauling and brainwave botrix workshop which gave the participants the opportunity for hands on learning.

One of the main attractive technical event was the RoboWars Championship, where participants built their own robots to pit against each other. What ensued was an adrenaline inducing battle between the heavy duty machines.

Also conducted was the first unconference, named the Social Media Summit, on the theme “Impact of Social Media on everyday life”. The event was chaired by team members of the Logical Indian and Chennai Memes.
Various exhibitions were also put up during the fest. The expos included the History of Madras exhibition, Vintage Camera exhibition, Comics expo and Indian Army Expo among others.
One of the major exhibitions was the Student Tech Expo, where various technical teams of the university showcased their impressive creations.
The day ended with the Aaruush Nites featuring the renowned stand-up comedian Kenneth Sebastian who had the crowd of over 3000 in splits.

 Day 2  Aaruush '16 

The second day of SRM University’s National Level Techno-Management fest Aaruush was on the 29th of September and has an array of various events, guest lectures, workshops, and exhibitions. All the events which started in the first days, conducted their second rounds on this day, with a few of the successful events conducting their first rounds all over again, on popular demand. Events like Marvel Vs. DC, Shaolin Soccer, Clash Of Clan and Modinomics were
highly successful, attracting more than 100 participants on the first day, with about 60 of them participating in further rounds in the second day. Four of the five workshops started on the first day continued on the second day, with about 1300 people attending the Hacktrack workshop conducted by renowned ethical hacker Ankit Fadia. Other workshops like Diesel and Hybrid Vehicle Overhauling, Brainwave Botrix and Immunoinformatics also saw successful participation from interested participants. The second day was special in the aspect of having a number of luminous guest lectures, with the likes of the Indian Army who presented an inspiring lecture on the advancement of technology in the Indian Army, Mrs. Isher Ahliwalia who spoke on the Indian economy and its changing face, Mr. Ravi Kunduru and SRM Alumnus representing popular online page Wittyfeed. The Robowars and the RC Cars Championships were in full flow throughout the day, as were the body zorbing, wall climbing, and PS4. The second day of Aaruush saw the conduction of a fan-favourite event, the Industrial Conclave, where stalwarts from the industries interact with the audience on the topic ‘Are foreign brands good for the Indian market?’ We had Mr. Prafulla Wankhede, K. Vaitheeswaran, Uma Shankar and K. Sarvana and Satwant Bisht. The evening of the second day saw thousands of people fill the auditorium for the highly anticipated Pro show, where performances by the Silhouette Squad and Mr Rishikesh Potdar wowed the audience with their shadow act and the paper cutting and glue act. The highlight of the evening, however, was the interactive session by The Viral Fever, India’s favourite YouTube channel.
The third day of Aaruush was conducted on the 30th of September. The third day was highly anticipated after the second day ended on such a high. The third day conducted a number of events, workshops, exhibitions, a guest lecture and the reputed Industrial Conclave.

Most of the 55 events conducted in Aaruush conducted their final rounds, with the exception of Sketch The Monument, Ad Bees, Stay On Track, Electroquest and the Business Forum which concluded on the third day. Events which move on to the fourth day would surely wrap up in the next day and winners would be chosen.

Day 3 Recap - Aaruush '16

The third day saw a number of new workshops being conducted from the third day. The Autodesk Revit Structure, the 3D Printer Calibration, and the VR Gaming workshops drew a number of interested people to their rooms as the students from all across India filled up the halls, ready to gain some important knowledge.

Mr. Siddharth Pahwa, the CEO of Meru Cabs presented a refreshing guest lecture on the topic of production line advancements and spoke on the importance of innovation in manufacturing, which the interested audience listened to intently. The Indian Air Force addressed the gathering for a while, telling them the life one could life as an Air Force officer and how one could apply for the Indian Air Force.

The inauguration of the Taiwan Education Center was overseen as a special ceremony by the Vice Chancellor Dr. Prabir Bagchi.

The Unconference, one of the main events of Aaruush, was conducted on the topic ‘Choice of Indian youth – career or passion’ and was chaired by two panelists of international renounce, Mr. Chris Li, Chairperson of the Taiwan Business Exchange and Dr. Thomas Mejtoft of the Umea University and they talked about various points of importance.
Leading up to the main event of the day, thousands of enthusiastic students slowly filled up the auditorium. Over the next two hours, the crowd swayed to the beats of Nikhil D’Souza as the exhilarating performance got them all on their feet.

Day 4  Aaruush '16

SRM University’s four-day Techno Management Fest ‘Aaruush-16’ came to an end on Saturday with a valedictory function.
Ganapathy Venugopal, founder and CEO of Axilor systems, presided over the finale of the fest, which had a theme of encouraging the spirit of innovation.
As a part of the festival, an event ‘T-Summit’ was held in July when student representatives of various technical fests hosted by institutions across the country came together to discuss the importance of such events and to develop them with a common goal in mind.
An SRM Run was organised and around 3,000 students participated to spread the message of ‘Clean SRM and Green SRM’ to make people aware of the importance of healthy living.
The technical events held included ‘RoboWars’ where heavy duty robots were built from scratch, and Business Forum, a summit where various economic relevant agendas were debated.
A Bonsai expo and a vintage camera expo as well as a special exhibition by the Indian Army were held.
The four-day techno management fest had the theme of encouraging spirit of innovation

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