Finally we gifted ourselves something we were missing so badly! An Entrepreneurship Cell. This long-cherished dream turned into reality on September 15, 2009, when the E-cell was launched in SRM University.
The launch saw many dignitaries including Mr. Raj Krishnan Shankar, Principal Strategist, Ichiban Consultants as the Chief Guest. Mr Jude Anand, CEO-Black and White Web Solutions and Ms. Vishnupriya, Consultant, NEN [National Entrepreneurship Network] were also present to grace the occasion. The launch of E-Cell is an important event keeping in view a lot of enthusiastic students ready to plunge into the world of entrepreneurship.
The evening saw the three experts giving exclusive tips to the students present at the launch. Mr. Jude Anand shared his experience and kindled a ray of hope among the young technologists. Ms. Vishnupriya talked at length about entrepreneurship and the audience loved every word of it! She gave many valuable insights and details, beneficial to the student committee. She informed them about the NEN resources and ways to start a venture and sustain it. She gave many examples of successful businessmen who started from scratch. She insisted that everyone must have a mentor/advisor. 'One must trust one's instincts. Genuineness and hard work always pay back', she emphasized.
Two alumni teams (Yogiki Inc and Yipee Inc) from Incubation Centre were also present to speak on the occasion. They shared helpful tips about launching a new venture.
Yipee was co-founded by Mr.Vineet Kumar Neeraj and Mr.Vikas Kumar, both alumni of Faculty of Engineering and Technology, SRM. Yipee is into the business of Events Management primarily. However, they also look after web page designing, company picnics, product launches and fests for colleges and schools. Yipee has had illustrious clients that include Jaipur Murti Kala Kendra, Biomedical Instrumentation company etc.
Yogiki, another entrepreneurial venture by alumni was co-founded by Mr Anirban Chawdhury and Mr Rajiv Ranjan. Robotics is their primary focus. They conduct workshops and have taken up the construction of some innovative robots including "limbless locomotion" and "unbelievable Glider". Yogiki is going to establish a workshop at SRM, Modinagar soon.
Even before the launch of E-Cell, the Engineering departments have been active in entrepreneurial ventures. We had 'SRM World' where in mementos were sold by students. This was successful. Later, SIEAC went on to sell utility items for freshers. A one stop shop, this was highly successful as it worked on the motto 'No profit no loss'.
At the launch of E-Cell, the chief guest Mr. Raj Krishnan Shankar admitted that opportunities are a lot more today as compared to olden days. He urged the younger generation to be prepared for challenges in this field. Selling oneself may prove to be difficult but patience is the key, he suggested. He concluded "One must not get disappointed or frustrated in the beginning". He stressed on the importance of choosing the right partner.
Prof Ponniah, Professor Management, concluded the meeting with his golden words and an announcement for workshops that will be held in the university shortly. Presentation of mementos to the dignitaries followed thereafter.
Expectations have grown now and great responsibility lies on the shoulders of E-Cell to fulfill these fresh new dreams!
It seems we are already on the path to fulfil APJ Abdul Kalam's words- "Be Job Creators, not Job Seekers". Students can now look forward to the upcoming " Villgro My Idea Programme" and special workshops on Horticulture, Fisheries, Vermiculture, Mushroom Cultivation with guest lectures & practical training.