R. Chidambaram, principal scientific advisor to the Government of India with SRM University Chancellor T. R. Pachamuthu visited the Solar plant at Sannasi Hostel  Kattankulathur campus  SRM University on 28.2.2012 (Tuesday)
SRM University has installed solar powered lights, solar cooking system, Bio gas plant and a sewage treatment plant. From gardening to cooking, only non-conventional sources of energy are now being used in the Kattankulathur campus. The university has installed solar powered street lights, solar cooking system, Bio gas plant and a water recycling plant. "The basic principle is conversion of water into steam energy ie  converting  the solar energy into steam energy. The water flows through the pipes and the solar dishes concentrate the solar energy to the concentrators. In the concentrators the water is converted into steam and that steam is utilized for cooking.

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