Avinash R., a first year student of Information Technology Engineering, B.Tech(IT), of SRM University, Kattankulathur has already a stack of feathers stuck up in his cap. Starting at the age of 12, he has cleared many certified networking courses in CISCO and Microsoft. Also, early, in his 8th grade he conducted online training on CISCO, Microsoft, Juniper, Apple and Redhat courses. One can attend his paid courses at his website, www.avitechnohome.com.  At 14, chancing upon the fact that one can join college then, he prepared the syllabi for 10, 11 and 12 standards and appeared for SRMEEE. When asked how he felt if and when people called him a
nerd, he answers nonchalantly that he isn’t one. “He doesn’t learn his subjects, rather learning is akin to playing”
says his friend Joshua, also from B.Tech, IT. 

He also asserts that Avinash isn’t seen about with abook as is the notion in general. Cricket is his favourite sport and he loves playing the same. Fittingly, he uses a bicycle to move about in campus. When questioned on how it all started, he says it all just happened in the course of time. Nothing, he says, was thought afore. He acknowledges his parents for their support and encouragement. As for his future plans, not having given much thought, he considers becoming a scientist for India. Here’s singular talent.

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