Pallavi Gupta
Long gone are the days when compact and sleek cell phones that could fit in the palm of your hand, were way cooler
than the monstrosities we see these days. Growing screen sizes has been a trend for a few years now, essentially driven by the popularity of large-screen Android powered devices such as phones from Samsung, HTC and Motorola. The latest editions to the melee of smartphones in the market are the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2, HTC Butterfly and LG Optimus Vu. On paper, these devices have top-of-the-line features. With 1.6 GHz quadcore processors, minimum internal storage of 64GB, the latest Android OS (Jelly Bean) and an 8 megapixels or better camera, they are unarguably the best technological feat available in the phone market today. But see it in the flesh and you will notice one thing above all else, its positively gigantic display. The screen size is comically huge. Closer to a tablet than a phone, they are now being termed as a phablet. Hold it up against your ears to make a call and just the weirdness of it throws everyone around you into a hysterical attack. 

That just makes me wonder why someone who is ready to spend an inordinately steep price for these gadgets can’t seem to be able to invest in a Bluetooth headset. Attend a call on a hot day, and your priceless big screen sweats along with you.These brands of phones in the market are just too big. The sheer size of it makes it difficult to carry around in your pocket comfortably, in turn affecting the fit of your denim. The large screen also makes a chore out of using the on-screen keyboard. 
It’s just too wide to type or scroll comfortably with one hand. The point of a handset is to put it bluntly, fit in your hand.
Well, my experience of coming very close to dropping my phone on the harsh city sidewalks multiple times, when gripping it single handedly is sure to make me stay away from the seductive gargantuan beauties on my next trip to the electronics store. What about you? With many people questioning the practicality of these ubercool, but massive displays, the demand for smaller screens might increase in the future.

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