The tournament first started when the departments of Computer Science and Electronics and Communications competed within their different divisions, which eventually led to a final face-off between the winning teams of the respective departments. To make this concept bigger and better, the students of these departments have organized this cricket tournament. To make it a tournament in every sense the word, there's prize money for the winning team and an entry fee for every team that wishes to take part in the tournament. With an entry fee of Rs. 1200 for a team of 11 players, the prize money amounts up to Rs. 5000. Satyaki Ganguly, a 3rd year ECE(Electronics and Communication Engineering) student, who has been paramount to the planning of this tournament, says that this has made my college life something to look forward to, as we now take out time after college and during weekends for the matches, I'm glad that the initiative has taken shape.' And now you can find the likes of Satyaki, more on the Valliammai grounds, where the matches are taking place. The preliminary matches that have going on so far are either after college hours or during the weekends, with the finals set for the 10th August, every department hopes to get into the finals, as all these gully cricket players are set to prove their mettle in a tournament.

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