Hosted by SRM University, India and Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE), Japan
This course consists of 3 days of lectures followed by 2 days of plant visits to Deming prize awarded companies. Lectures will be taught by top professionals who have years of experiences in successfully implementing TQM in research, design, manufacturing and sales divisions, and providing TQM counseling to companies worldwide. Plant visits will be a unique opportunity to observe, firsthand, TQM systems operating at Deming Prize Award winning companies.

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The participants who attend this seminar in India will have the advantage of seeing for themselves the Japanese TQM being practiced in a cultural setting other than Japanese for the first time since  the starting of this annual seminar series at a cost much less than that of attending the same in Japan.

 The participants will gain,

A better understanding of TQM activities by attending lectures and observing TQM in action during a week of plant visits.

Practical advice from the lecturers, all top professionals who have years of proven international success in the field of TQM; A number of “Question and Answer” opportunities allow you to hear the explanations you need so you can effectively apply what you learn

TQM tools and strategies that will enable you to improve your daily routine work and time management skills, gain confidence in your role as senior/top manager in your TQM system, and become a more credible leader

Effective Problem-Solving Techniques to take back with you; Work together to discuss and come up with innovative strategies – a great way to brush up on analytical skills!

An International Network of support you can count on long after the seminar finishes; take advantage of this opportunity to meet other senior/top management, and to establish and expand your human network!

A chance of a lifetime to observe TQM in action during plant visits to top-of-the-line companies, including at least one company successfully awarded the Deming Prize

Confidence in your role as a TQM leader; return to your company knowing you’re a step ahead of the rest

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