The nascent science of nanotechnology has emerged as a highly multi disciplinary science spanning diverse fields such as materials science, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, computing, and engineering. The Center for Excellence in Nanotechnology was established in December 2006 due to the enormous potential of research in the field in the areas of drug delivery and discovery, environmental sciences, manufacturing, microelectronics and quantum computing.
The center draws bright minds from such prestigious institutions as Trinity College, UK; Caltech, USA and IIT Madras, India. The faculty's expertise ranges from wet chemical synthesis, nano-magnetism, thin film technology, carbon nanotechnology to designing and fabrication of ultra high vacuum systems.
The center is also reinforced by research scholars with experience in diverse fields such as computing, robotics, biotechnology, microbiology & chemistry. The centre currently engages four full-time research scholars and four part-time researchers.
Research focus
Nanostructured Materials & Nanomagnetism: This involves fabrication and application of magnetic thin films and heterostructures to develop high density magnetic storage devices and other nanostructured materials for a wide variety of applications.
Advanced Drug Synthesis, Drug Delivery & Controlled Release Systems: A dynamic team of researchers along with doctors from SRM Medical College are engaged in synthesis of site specific drugs for various ailments along with an effective drug delivery system based on Nanotechnology. Controlled drug release based on polymer micro-nano beads are also a focus of the team's research.
Stem Cell Research: Doctors and scientists from the center are initiating an advanced research center for stem cell research and stem cell bank.
Nanomaterials for Sensor Applications: The focus is to develop size specific nanomaterials such as iron oxide, silica, and polymer based nanoparticles. This specific area of sensors are intended for medical, biological and environmental applications.
Funded projects
The center has also recently received funds amounting to INR 1.21 crores from the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India for a research project titled "Development of Nanofilters for Water Purification and Removal of Supported VOC's from Contaminated Air".
The Nanotechnology Research Center is a multidimensional research system with industry and academic associations. The Drug Delivery Group at the center works in close tandem with many pharmaceutical companies in the country. The center has started a collaborative research program with Queens University in Canada for research on Fuel Cells and related technology.
Courses offered
MS (Nanoscience and Nanotechnology)
MS-Linked Ph.D.