SRM University to be the Centre of Excellence for Industrial Research in India.
To make SRM University a pivotal node in Industrial Research, Consultancy, Continuing Education for Industry.
SRM University has placed emphasis on the cultivation of strong links with industry and promotion of various industrial activities by the faculty members and students. In order to keep up with the growing volume of industrial liaison activities, and even more importantly, to catalyze the further growth and development of interaction between the Institute and Industry, a separate cell (Industry-Institute Interaction Cell - IIIC) was established in the year 2007.
IIIC coordinates with all the faculties of the University and Industry,
  • To have a closer linkage and promote research suited to industry needs, and consultancy which creates a sense of owning among faculty members
  • To provide continuing education to people working in industries so that they can upgrade their technical knowledge, and / or obtain higher degrees; this orients the faculty members towards the industry from the portals of University i.e. Academics
  • To enable academics to take a sabbatical in industries; provide internships for students in industries, which will prepare the students better for entering the industry;
  • To create an industrial chair in the university; and to enable the appointment of experienced industry resource persons as visiting faculty in the University
IIIC has brought about a number of MoUs and Agreements with various industrial and research organizations in different fields and sectors to promote various forms of interactions.
Different Forms of Industry-Institute Interaction at SRMU
  • Industrial Research & Consultancy
    • Industrial testing (Proofing & Calibration)
    • Sponsored industrial research
    • Use of industrial labs by University
    • Use of specialized database / lab equipment of University
    • Research guidance from industry
    • Creation of collaborative labs / testing centre at University
    • Joint research publication
    • Solutions for field problems
    • Analysis & Design problems
    • Research fellowship support
    • Joint patents
    • Creation of industrial chair to support research
  • Continuing Education for Industry
    • Short-Term Training Programmes
    • Onsite Educational Programmes
    • Part time Educational Programmes
    • Collaborative Educational Programmes
  • Industry-Institute Exchange
    • Visiting faculty from industry
    • Training programmes / Short term assignments to the faculty members in industries
    • Joint industrial projects for faculty
    • Participation of industrial experts in curriculum design
    • Sabbatical level assignments to the faculty members