SRM varsity students to study abroad for semester
Bryan Dalton, Chief of Consular Services, U.S. Consulate-General, Chennai, interacts with students of SRM University in Kattankulathur on Wednesday.
A batch of 34 students from SRM University, Kattankulathur, will be leaving the shores of India to study one full semester in foreign universities, including prestigious educational institutions.

The students have been selected under the Semester Abroad Programme. Some of the premier universities include the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Birmingham City and Lancaster Universities in United Kingdom and La Trobe and University of Western Australia.

On Wednesday, Bryan Dalton, Chief of Consular Services, US Consulate General, Chennai interacted with students at a programme in SRM University. He pointed out that among all the foreign students studying in the US, Indians were in a majority.

There were 1.03 lakh students specialising in different streams, mostly in engineering and science and technology, in addition to the humanities and arts, in various universities.

This number was bound to increase by 15 per cent now.

The best minds

He said that spending an entire semester would pit young minds against the best from various countries all over the world.

“You should come out of your comfort zone,” he remarked.

Later, in a brief chat with reporters, Mr. Dalton said the number of people submitting false documents and other records for obtaining a visa was a small minority.

“I appeal to people to avoid touts and come straight to us with original documents, else they would permanently lose eligibility to visit the US,” he said.
Between October 2008 and September 2009, 1.96 lakh people had visited the US through the US Consul General, Chennai.
Sixth batch
A release said the 34 students were part of the sixth batch selected under the Semester Abroad Programme and the next batch of 45 students have been selected and would be leaving in January next year.

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