Career Development Centre aims at enhancing the confidence and developing the right attitude in the students. A unique feature of SRM University, Career Development Center is extending its services across various disciplines of the university since its inception. Personality Development is the focus of the training which aims at holistic development of students.
The course is compulsory for all Engineering graduates and it is offered from the first to the sixth semester and the syllabus is well structured and is well integrated into the curriculum. It helps every student to enhance his or her personality before the completion of their course and ensures they are industry ready. The training provided ensure excellent placement track record till date.
First year engineering students are trained in soft skills and life skills. It provides a platform for all students to even out differences and build confidence and prepares them for the professional course ahead. An interactive workbook 'Insight' truly provides scope for every student to have an opportunity to know them better.
A Psychometric test administered to the student clearly maps the various levels of essential skills required by them and it does further enable them to know the areas they need to work upon. Information regarding the Future Career Options of the students is asked for and the right support based on their choice is provided.
The second and third year courses are more focused on preparing the students for competitive exams. Since 70 percent of students who enter SRM University aim for placements, this training gives them an excellent opportunity to be well prepared for securing the right job.
Communication training with Group Discussions and mock interviews with assessment provides the right support for students in facing top notch companies.
The main focus of the Career Development Centre is to provide the best of minds to the society thus enhancing not only the students' attitude but also in enriching our nation with the right kind of citizens. There are more than 20 faculty members in the Career Development Center with varied specializations and vast and rich experience thus making the learning process of each individual very memorable.
The faculty members also extend their expertise of employability skills training to other institutes. Based on their requirements the modules have been customized and delivered in a professional manner to cater to their needs. The training has been highly appreciated and has been useful to the students to choose their career.

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