Students Activity Center

SRM University provides a multitude of extracurricular activities to enrich student lives beyond academics. They play an integral role in the collegiate experience. Living in a large community with people in the same age group lends itself to many social activities, Student Activity Centre is the nucleus of all these activities.
From Inter House Competitions to National Level Cultural Festival, Student Activity Centre (SAC) is the reason why the college campus buzzes with activities throughout the week after college hours. A team of Cultural Secretaries, Treasurer, Public Relations Officers, Executive Reporters, HRs, Sponsorship and House Captains coagulate and make things happen throughout the academic year.
The Core Team
Cultural Secretaries
Sravanth Mouli, Srishti Baruah
Public Relations Officers
Kausalya Ganesh, Shibani Shah, Vibhu
Executive Reporter
Anjaly Menon
Mohita Trivedi
Gaurav Mendiratta
House Captains
Agni House
Nupur Paul, Nishant Das
Akash House
Kanchan Choudhary, Ravi Shankar
Prithvi House
Pon Varsha, Pranavanshu Vadrevu
Trishul House
Aleena Thomas, Deepak Gurijala

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