A Community Radio serves a particular community, in accordance with the locality of the radio station. Community radio works on the basis of the principle ‘for the Community, about the Community and by the Community’. Muthucharam Community Radio stands on the way to provide a complete ‘Infotainment’ to its listeners. Apart from producing programmes, it focuses on deriving programmes from the community which helps in achieving the wide participation and the broad awareness about the community radio that is functioning in that particular area.
Muthucharam CR through its best focus on its target audience in availing their contribution of programmes and sequential broadcasting makes the participants and the listeners immensely happy and constantly reactive to the radio content. The content covers the aspects of education, health, agriculture and occupation which play a vital role in the upliftment of a community. Muthucharam CR extends its service from to 10 to 15 kms in and around Kattankulathur block. Muthucharam CR has created a prompt knowledge and interest about the service of the community radio to its community.
Broadcast Timing Of
Muthucharam CR

In a Week : Monday-Saturday

Timing : 9am-4pm

Saturday has a repeat broadcast of programmes that has been scheduled and broadcasted till Friday.

Contact Details

    Muthucharam CR 90.4 
    Room No: 917, 9th floor
    University building, Faculty of Science and Humanities
    SRM University, Kattankulathur

Dail Up To

    Station Manager 
    Mobile number:             9790946086      
    Mail To: divyasri.m@ktr.srmuniv.ac.in

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