Jhalak Dikhlaja

If James Bond had a license to kill, angels and demons of the four houses, namely, Agni Aakash, Prithvi and Trishul had a license to steal our hearts. High decibel levels, vibrant faces, fancy outfits and a festival of sensory overloads. Well, that's Jhalak personified. The annual inter-house competition for the best house title, Jhalak was held recently in the TP Ganesan auditorium. The chief guest was Mrs. Malati Laxmanan, a renowned singer.
Catapulted by a band performance from each of the four houses got the audience to their feet with array of sounds. The chords blended from soft on ears to hard beats where one could feel the repercussions to their very bones!! The title of the best band was taken by Agni house.
It was followed by the dance where each house came up with a very creative performance with the angels and demons theme. With various different plotlines and a seamless transition between sequences and of course.their creative props, the four dance teams were a hit. Agni house stole the best dancer's title, as well.
It was followed up by the scorching fashion show by the hunks and the beauties of our university, in their angels and demons theme. Truly, a sight to behold they literally sizzled on the stage with both their sequences and music. Agni was on the roll winning the third consecutive event that night.
The anticipated split screen event was next. It is an event which is solely based on the synchronisation between the dancing pairs or the two individual dancers. Not as simple as it sounds, the slightest lack of coordination between the dancing couples leads to a loss of points. Obviously, the unsaid 'The more complex it is, the better' definitely holds true here. The grace of the performers is yet another criteria. There were two sub categories in the event. The split screen solo was bagged by Prithvi house while the duet by Aakash house.
As the event edged to the end, the results were announced. The anticipation was high and the fingers crossed, as Mrs. Malati went upto the podium to announce the winners. The best concept went to Akash and Agni houses respectively. The best performer of the evening was bagged by Priyanka George of Prithvi house. And, then came the coveted "Best House Title" which was not surprisingly taken by Agni house with Prithvi house being the runners up.

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