The year was 2007. Four Final year Engineering students of SRM University planned to give their college a technical fest of its own. They sat down with a laptop on the stairs of a building known as The Placement Cell, and worked on the idea. It was decided upon to name their fest after the first rays of the rising sun. Thus, 'AARUUSH' was born and the rest, as they say, is history.
"Seek and you shall find, when you feel everything is lost, innovation will guide you through", these words echoed in the jam packed Dr. T.P. Ganesan auditorium. These words, were given by our President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the then President of India. He gave AARUUSH the start it deserved, and, since then, there has been no looking back. With a footfall of over 3000 and 26 events in its first edition, everyone involved in AARUUSH made it clear that it was time to 'rise in the spirit of innovation'.
Came the year 2008; and 'the thin line between genius and insanity was erased'. From the stairs to the fully fledged AARUUSH office, from a single laptop to dedicated labs, from 4 lakh to 2.5 million, AARUUSH was set to become one of the best in India. It was in 2008 that Aaruush transcended previous records, with over 40 events and entertainment in the form of DJ nights. Having a footfall of more than 4500 and a participation from 24 states, Aaruush had arrived, and how... The question that followed was-Can we make it bigger?
2009 answered this question with a big 'YES!' The third edition of AARUUSH saw some of the biggest names in the country grace the fest with guest lectures and workshops. It was the year in which AARUUSH crossed national boundaries and attracted global participants with its amazing online events. 2009 was also the year which saw Aaruush grow from just a technical fest to a Techno-management fest, thus, becoming a phenomenon across disciplines. It was in this year that Fundaz, which focused on the fundamentals of science, was added to the list of domains. Aaruush had now become the brand it was always meant to be.
2010 was informally called the 'Year of Change' as Aaruush collaborated with some of the best organizations and even displayed defense technologies like the tank 'Arjun'. This fourth edition was distinctly marked as it provided a platform to organizations which stood for causes like technical education, anti-corruption and blood donation. Aaruush '10 also stood for the Conservation of Energy. Having a sponsorship amount of more than 27 lakhs, the fest recorded a legendary footfall of 8500. Aaruush had finally made its name indelible.
And now, it's that time of the year again. We are back, only to make it much bigger and better. So if you are wondering what's in store as we turn 6 years old, keep watching this space.

Over the years SRM University has built and maintained a reputation for its state of the art facilities, as well as the experience and ethics it imbues in its students. This forms the basis for achieving success in today's world. Aaruush, one of the largest technological symposiums of the country has kept up its tradition of innovation and has broken many frontiers.
Aaruush has a knack for bringing out the best in you. This techno-management fest is a platform for more than 10,000 young minds from not only India's but also the world's top institutions to bring forth their innovative thoughts and ideas. Every year, Aaruush also works along the lines of a theme that aims at the betterment of the society at large by encouraging innovation through technology with respect to the theme. From paper presentations and guest lectures, to debates, quizzes and DJ nights, Aaruush'12 will play host to a plenitude of activities, giving you the opportunity to interact with the brightest minds in the country.
Be transported to a world of innovation. Come, be a part of Aaruush 2012.
Aaruush Towards Sustainability (A2S)

Aaruush, the National level Techno-Management Fest of SRM University, has progressed year after year to become one of the biggest platforms in the nation to share ideas, educate people about new technological advancements and create awareness about important issues. Being a student driven fest, we encourage our peers to develop a sense of responsibility within themselves with respect to social as well as environmental issues. Aaruush for Conservation of Energy (ACE) was one of the most successful themes of our fest and hence was incorporated as the Aaruush theme for two consecutive years, namely, Aaruush 2010 and Aaruush 2011. This year, we take it a step further, as Aaruush undertakes to make people aware about Sustainability with this year’s theme being ‘A2S-Aaruush towards Sustainability’.

Sustainability simply means the ‘capacity to endure’. Be it social, economic, technical or environmental, it greatly affects humankind and calls for the attention to follow this concept seriously. Sustainability talks about how responsible management of resources can actually bring about development without compromising on a better, healthier future.

On the technical, social and economic front, Aaruush’12 will hope to make people aware about the concept of sustainability by the means of various workshops and help desks. A number of events shall also be aimed at the same. Environmentally, Aaruush’12 hopes to achieve Zero Carbon footprint this time.

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