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The Department of Telecommunication Engineering (TCE) mission stems from the realization of the demands of dynamics of the world market and blossoming   

Various Telecommunication Technologies. It is our mission to excel in:

  Embracing knowledge and education

 Being recognized as a Department that offers the best and most unique programs in telecommunication engineering, and preparing its graduates to assume leadership roles and social responsibility.

 Providing an environment in which students are given the essential resources to address, research and solve real-world problems, participating in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research and its applications.

Promoting active learning, critical thinking, and engineering judgment, coupled with business and entrepreneurial skills that produce top-notch graduates for the highest paid jobs


The TCE Vision is to be a leader in educating, creating and graduating today's and tomorrow's finest Telecommunication Engineers!

We envision providing the unique environment that fosters education, research, and technology in Telecommunications

Offered Programmes:

Ø  B.Tech - Information & Telecommunication Engineering (ITCE)

Ø  M.Tech – Telecommunication Networks (TCN)

Ø  PhD   [Part Time & Full Time]

Highlights of the Department:

§  Dedicated and well qualified  Faculty Members
§  Sophisticated and well equipped laboratories for hands on experience.
§   Extracurricular activities through
“TEA – Telecommunication Engineer’s Association” and
IEEE Communication Society (IEEE COMSOC) Student Branch
§  Students are encouraged to do semester aboard program (SAP)
§  Teaching through Smart Class & Wi-Fi facilities.
§  Students are motivated to participate in research activities on latest

Research & Consultancy
Recently, the department started research activities under “RADMIC – Radio Communications & Millimeter-wave Research Centre” in collaboration with Dr. Vladimir A Labay, University of Gonzaga, USA (www.gonzaga.edu) to address the emerging and future ubiquitous broadband wireless networks utilizing millimeter radio wave technology.
ü  Recently (2011) received a research grant of Rs. 36 lakhs from the DRDO, Govt. of India on R & D of “Future Ubiquitous Broadband Wireless Networks”.

ü  Received (2010) a funded grant of Rs. 37.82 lakhs from the Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India on R & D of “RF Propagation Studies for Wireless Sensor Communications”.

Placement History: More than 80% of TCE students were placed during 2009-2010, around 90% of students were placed in academic year 2010-2011 and above 80% of students are place in current academic year 2011 – 2012 in reputed IT & Telecomm companies through our campus & off campus recruitment drives.

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