Chancellor of SRM University T R Pachamuthu and ISTE president R Murugesan signed a memorandum to finalise this arrangement on Tuesday. The representatives of the two organizations also signed another pact through which SRM University has promised to construct an additional building for the ISTE on the Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi campus. The proposed building, coming up on an area of around 20,000sqft, will be planned for the purpose of hosting technical seminars, workshops and conferences of national and international importance. The construction is expected to cost the university not less than Rs 3.5 crore.
The ISTE has nominated SRM University to host the annual world deans' council conducted by the International Federation of Engineering Education Society in 2013. Last year the event was held in China, and this year Argentina got the opportunity to conduct the event.
The ISTE provides adequate inputs to various governmental bodies preparing policy framework for technical education. The ISTE has 82,000 faculty members, 5 lakh students as life members from India and 2,001 institutional members from universities, engineering colleges and polytechnic institutions and 1,145 faculty chapters in the country.

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