The Camber Racing team was formulated in September of 2009 to compete in on-track student events organized by SAE India and Formula SAE. SAE or the ‘Society of Automotive Engineers’ is the world governing body on automotive and related fields. With the passion and commitment, the students work as a team to design, build, test and compete an open-wheeled formula style race car. Since the teams formation, three such cars have been developed i.e. CR800, LJM01, The Beast. Keeping in mind the future competitions the team has already started their work on the next car "B13".

SUPRA SAEINDIA competition is organised by SAE INDIA and is the largest student engineering competition in India. The concept behind the competition is that a fictional manufacturing company has contacted a design team to develop a small Formula style race car. The prototype is to be evaluated for its potential as a racing car. The target marketing group for the race car is the nonprofessional weekend autocross racer. Each team designs and produces a prototype based on well laid down rules & regulations. The competition comprises seven events: Cost and Manufacturing Analysis, Presentation, Design, Acceleration, Skid Pad, Autocross, and Endurance. The Formula SAE competition is organised by the Society of Automotive Engineers and is held in UK, USA, Germany, Italy, Austria, Australia, Spain, Brasil. In 2011, in SUPRA SAEINDIA competition, the team was ranked 2nd in Marketing Presentation and finished in 24th out of 40 team participating in the competition.

 In 2012, in SUPRA SAEINDIA competition, the team was awarded the overall 1st prize out of 65 teams and along with other awards such as 2nd in Endurance event, 2nd in Autocross event and 2nd in Skid-pad event. Each year a new car is made from scratch and is an improvement than the previous one. Teamwork, leadership and marketing are the few skills the students learn apart from getting their theoretical knowledge into practice through the design process. The team members and the sponsors get equal opportunity to connect with each other and develop a strong network.

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