A seminar on good clinical practice “GCP” was conducted by Interdisciplinary School of Indian Systems of Medicine (ISISM) at SRM Medical College Hospital Seminar Hall. Basic objective of the seminar wasto educate and familiarize both clinical and basic researchers in GCP while simultaneously updating researchers associated with clinical drug trials. The seminar started of with the welcome address by Dr.K.Ilango, Dean, ISISM, SRM University, followed by the Inaugural address by Pro-Vice Chancellor (Medical), Dr. P.Thangaraj. Vice Chancellor Dr.M. Ponnavaikko presented the presidential address where he emphasized the effectiveness of traditional medicines in curing many ailments. He also strongly voiced the need for a professional and scientific approach towards drug discovery in the field ofIndian traditional medicine A presentation from Dr. K. Ilango, who highlighted the facilities available in the “one of a kind ” metabolic ward established in SRM hospital. Dr. Melvin George, Asst. Prof., Cardiac Research, SRM University, elaborated on the requirement for clinical research and its crucial role in validating therapeutic drugs. Mr. Harish Babu, SMO Connect, Cochin, the main speaker of the seminar gave a presentation on the title “International conference on Harmonization - GCP”. He touched upon several key issues pertaining to clinical research, including, the role of researcher / clinician, ethics and record keeping in drug trials. He specifically stressed the importance of exemplary record keeping, to avoid complications during and after completion of the drug trial.

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