Inter –Corporate Mini Olympics (ICMO) 2013
The SRM faculty-non teaching teams -the winners
 The fourth edition of ICMO organized by Mr. Unni Krishnan CEO of "Excel HR Facilitations and Services Pvt. Ltd" went off with a flying start. This year was SRM's debut performance. It was held on 2nd Feb, 2013 at the YMCA grounds, Nandanam, Chennai.
It was a great exciting experience for the staff and faculty who were participating in a sports event with executives and managers who were their fellow competitors. "Josh "an inter-departmental cultural had set the spark.

More than 30 staff members from SRM vied for a track and field events, competing with veterans from corporate like Lanson Toyota, Accenture, Ashok Leyland, Blue Dart to name a few and did leave a mark. There were many track and field events both in the individual and group category, fun events were for teams only.

The general comradeship among the staff whose main purpose was to compete in all events and bring home the glory. This was more easily achieved than what any inter-departmental meeting would have possibly achieved.

 All the participants who competed in events brought glory by being placed first, second or third. SRM won 61 medals. They also won the best mascot prize. They cheered and motivated the team. Winning so many medals for the debut participation they resolved to pick up the ICMO champion award next year. Team trophies ear-marked were for: Best Cheering team, Best Mascot, Best March Past and Best Colours.

 SRM team was placed as runner-ups to the winners Accenture.

 For a debut performance with less time for practice, SRMites have made a mark and having gotten an idea, will definitely bring home the trophy next year. Our staff knows now each other's strengths and will look forward to working as a team in the coming years. As the program motto was of uniting the company under one flag, help bonding among the company staff wherein the take home is not just prizes and medals, but the spirit of being one and needing to soar, this was achieved remarkably among our SRMites.

The management's unstinting support for faculty and staff enhancement in all facets of their lives is commendable.
Dr .N. Ponnavaikko, Vice chancellor was delighted to learn our SRM non teaching staff and few faculty members were so competitive and moved to new levels of competitiveness.

Prof. Muniswaran, Director OFD and sports congratulated the team for their spirit to win. The team thanked the Management for the encouragement to participate in inter-corporate Mini Olympics.

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