The faculty of SRM Medical College and Research Centre, following its 5-year-old tradition of holding the intramedical college Quiz competition, in an attempt to challenge the best of minds and the sharpest of wits, hosted Impulse'13, an intermedical college quiz competition.
The event which was held on the 17th of August 2013 at the SRM Medical College Auditorium, saw students from various medical college across the south of India taking part in it.
 Impulse took stages for the very first time on August 10, 2008, with the humble beginnings as an intramedical college competition, and from its successful shows in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2102 rose to a Zonal Level Competition.
The rules seem pretty simple, every team consists of at least 2 participants, who can be an undergraduate MBBS up to the rank of CRRI. While the participants are required to carry their ID cards for verification purposes, every team goes through a Prelims in order to enlist teams for the semi-finals.
The winners walked with handsome prizes, the winner received a cash prize of Rs. 15,000 and a speed scholarship, with the first runner up getting a cash amount of Rs. 10,000 along with a speed scholarship while the second runner up was awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 7,500 with a speed scholarship.
Also, as part pre-event competitions, Impulse'13 also conducted a poster and slogan competition on the 16th of August. Calling for posters on the theme, prevention of non-communicable diseases and slogans on the theme of organ donation.
 Accentuating the archaic and often repeated saying: United we stand and divided we fall. Simple may be its meaning, but the magic created when hands joined and hearts pounded in symphony was purely breathtaking, such is the feeling and the ecstasy that the participants express.

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