Milan 2015
After five long days suffused with excitement, fun and lots of competition, SRM University’s Milan 2015 came to a close on February 1. Successfully completing 100 unceasing hours, the fest was a resounding success.
The national-level cultural competition began on January 28, with a lot of interesting events, shows and competitions, attracting thousands of students nationwide. The inaugural day saw the performance of popular South Korean K-pop band, N-Sonic, who won over the audience with the sheer energy of their performance, setting the pace for the next four days. SRM Music Club and Between Recess also performed under the Coke Studio banner.
Day two was characterised by more excitement and enthusiasm, brought by the much-anticipated, crowd-puller events such as Broadway, Battle of the Bands +, Campus Model and Fashion Show.
With renowned bands pouring in from around the country, Battle of the Bands + was a feast for music enthusiasts. The competition sought the best professional-level band in two categories of music, eastern and western. Sparsh United, the winner in the eastern category, was spirited, soulful and won the crowds over with their brilliant performance.
The Broadway event was a cornucopia of raw emotions, momentous themes and powerful voices. The motifs around the performances were social, political, humour and current issues. Guru Nanak College won the first prize, with SRM University coming in second.
The Campus Model competition looked for a melange of beauty, attitude and personality on stage. The first round comprised stunning contestants from different colleges sashaying across the stage in their finest, and in the second round judges posed questions to the contestants. Moupriya Ray, the female victor, was unapologetically honest, which endeared her to the audience and the judges, and Burhan Mustak was the male winner.

The Fashion Show was a befitting conclusion to a day filled with displays of immense talent. Kicking off the show was a performance by the SRM Fashion Club in collaboration with the SRM Environment Club. Round one saw performances by six participating colleges; round two was a Mix-and-Match round. The host team emerged victorious with Crescent College winning the runners-up position.
The third day began with the inter-college Battle of the Bands music competition. It was a home win with Sparsh United, SRM University’s band, winning the title in the eastern category, and Abhoga coming in second. The western category winner was Reroute from SRM University; Spineshatter from SSN College came in second.
The show stealer of the day was the Air Show, where aviators displayed their flying skills. Big names in the aerobatics scene exhibited their skills, such as Gunther Gold from Austria, Nandhakumar from Chennai, the first Indian to fly a radio-controlled ornithopter; and Arul from Chennai, an emerging name in RC aircraft flying. The show also hosted a 3D-night flying helicopter and the sky was lit with fireworks, a beautiful sight.
This was followed by Campus Warrior, a group event where participants gave music, dance and fashion performances. It was a home win again with SRM University’s musical band Sparsh United clinching the title.
Day four did not fall short in terms of fun. With events like Centrestage, Pro Battle and Choreonite planned for the day, it was all about dancing. Centre Stage, the largest annual theatre event of SRM University, saw highly-talented theatre artistes from different colleges putting on a show. The themes they touched upon were poignant and relevant to day-to-day situations.
The Pro Battle was a proper break dancing competition. Each of the participants displayed a great amount of skill, spontaneity and stamina.
The last event for the day was Choreonite, a group-dance competition that had participants from many colleges. Team Tandav from Shastra University won the themed round, with WCC coming in second. Loyola and Shastra University won in the un-themed round with DG Vaishnav and WCC coming in second.
The final leg had a line-up of interesting events and competitions. Host SRM University, Shastra University, VIT, and many other colleges entertained the enthusiastic audience with aesthetically pleasing and diverse Indian dances in the group folk competition. SRM Bhangra took the top spot as they dazzled the crowd with their spirited performance and great song selection. The solo dance competition saw 20 accomplished individuals interpretatively dancing to diversified genres of music. Ingenuity, good choreography and a clean performance gave the winner, Ram, an edge over the others.
To celebrate the wonderful journey of planning and executing this massive event, a valedictory function was held, which was attended by dignitaries like the director of student affairs, PKA Muniswaran, the vice chancellor of SRM, T.P. Ganesan, the registrar of SRM, N. Sethuraman and popular actor-turned-politician, Sarath Kumar, who was the chief guest. The Shivaji Ganesan trophy for the all-round performer went to Samruddha. Team Dynamics won the Milan Premiere League, while SRM Riders were the runners-up. The Balachandran Trophy for best creative mind went to Ashwin. And the biggest award for the night, the overall Milan Trophy, went, quite deservingly, to Shastra University.

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