Commencia  is an entrepreneurship carnival organized for the first time by Visionate entrepreneurship club of SRM University in association with TiE and under the guidance of the MBA department.

The word "Commencia" finds its origin from the French word "commencer" which translates to beginning. Commencia  intends to foster the idea
of entrepreneurship amongst students and also strives to give a platform to showcase the initiatives and business models of the
existing start-up communities.

Carnival from 19-22nd February,2015

The events for Commencia are as enumerated below :


(3 day event)

This is a platform for all the existing start-ups to network and showcase their idea. Every start-up purchased a stall, and exhibited for 3 days be for several dignitaries. The best start-up will be awarded with cash prize .

START-UP WEEKEND (Game Changers)

(2 day event)

This event exposed the participants to a hands-on experience in building a start-up from scratch, i.e., idea to execution.

Day 1 included formation of teams and problem description. The teams had to come up with a solution, prepare a business model and revenue model and make a presentation in front of the other teams, which also included a question-answer session, to validate their idea.

Day 2  tested  the teams on the grounds of marketing and networking. The teams had to create a facebook page of their idea and get maximum popularity. They had to exhibit their idea in a mock start-up expo to a panel of judges.

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP (Entrepreneurship Without Border)

(2 day event)

This event aims to bring an actual change in a rural area (village)nearby Chennai, through entrepreneurial thinking and action.

On Day 1, all the teams met the village womenfolk, talked to them, interviewed them and understood their lifestyle, income, expenditure and savings, problems they face, aspirations etc.

After their research on Day 1, the teams  conducted a class for the villagers teaching them anything that might solve some of
their problems, add to their marketplace literacy, help them handle money, run businesses, utilize resources etc.


This event aims to test the business and money handling sense of the
participants through an SRM-customized version of the game, Monopoly.

The event was conducted on the same lines as the original monopoly, the difference being that instead of buying cities, the players will buy places of importance within SRM like Tech Park, Library building,  Hi-Tech block, Auditorium, etc. A preset story-line
 ran and the players obtained their revenue on the basis of the footfall in the places they own at a particular time in the story.


(2 day event)

This event had the structure of any typical quiz, the theme being business and entrepreneurship.

Day 1  hosted the preliminary round.

Day 2  saw the finalists competing in a quiz that tests them on their knowledge about entrepreneurship, the principles of business and
prominent people and their stories.


(2 day event)

This was an event which  tested the marketing strategies and business tactics of the participants in a very small yet competitive platform.

A preliminary round on Day 1 filtered out participants who will be formed into 4-6 teams. The primary goal of the teams was to set up a store of a company brand and manage all expenditures in the allotted budget, as per a contract.

The teams  bid for the location of their respective stores (Java, Library, Auditorium, Main Campus, etc).

They were  provided with a list of quotations for everything, like Hiring staff (male and female separate quotations).
Social media data entry rates
Add-on (decorations, store name board, charts, direction boards, etc.)

25% shares of every team was liquefied shares (stock market), and every member of the team was entitled to an equal percentage.

Day 2 was  the on-field day, when the teams  actually competed and tested their skills with real crowd.


(1 day event)

The objective of this event was to promote technical solutions for existing problems, i.e., technical entrepreneurship.

The first round consisted of a problem given to the participating teams for which they had to design a technological solution.

The second round  required them to pitch it in front of a panel of judges who will test its feasibility and practicality.

IDEA GENERATION (Connect The Dots)

(2 day event)

This event  targeted  people who were new to the field of entrepreneurship and aimed at giving them a basic knowledge about its
principles and the skills required.

On Day 1 all the participants were formed into teams of 4-5 on the basis of a questionnaire. All the teams were allocated a similar
amount of virtual funds/resources.

Next, they were tested on their decision making abilities by giving them various situations in a paper test and around 20 teams will be

On Day 2, a different crisis or problem was described to each team for
which they have to design a solution.

Next, the elevator pitch in front of a panel of judges.


(1 day event, rolling)

This is an event that tested the skills required to manage a sports team and required you to bid for a city's franchise and manage it from

scratch. Each team will be given a large virtual budget for this.

The first phase involves bidding for a city which will be the base of the franchise followed by handpicking a set of players from an
available pool of players. Each team has to comprise 11 players while satisfying a particular preset criterion. Participating teams have to
factor in the costs for running the entire sports team and the revenue from each franchise is through ticketing sales. Criteria for
ascertaining the winner was based on a set of predetermined statistics about a player and this is applied for the whole team.


This event is for all the budding startups and entrepreneurs
participating in a long campaign that involves filling up Google
forms, presenting their ideas in front of a panel of judges.


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