The Power of Women
SRM University Celebrates International Women’s Day on March 8, 2013
 Recent Research carried out by the University of California neuroscientists assisted by their colleagues in Madrid has proved that women have smaller but smarter brains than men. True to the above findings, the Women’s Grievance Retrieval Committee (WGRC) of SRM University has identified the two of the best known women achievers to preside over the International Women’s day celebration here at Dr. T. P. Ganesan Auditorium on March 8, 2013.
Smt. Jayanthi Natarajan, Hon’ble Minister for Environment and Forests, Government of India was the Chief Guest and Ms. Lethika Saran, Retired DGP, Tamil Nadu was the special guest of the occasion.  The celebration started with the Bharatnatyam performance by the students. Dr. N. Chandraprabha, Director of Health Sciences delivered the welcome address and she highlighted the ‘theme of International Women’s day 2013: Time for action to end violence against women’. She introduced the guests to the audience.
Dr. M. Ponnavaiko, the Vice Chancellor, SRM University in his presidential address said that women are wonderful creation by the God.  Smt. Jayanthi Natarajan in her address said that all days should be observed as international women’s day. A lawyer by profession, she expressed the concern that Indian Constitution supposedly one of the best constitutions in the world has mention about women only six times and out of which five times they are referred with children.
Women’s Reservation Bill
Smt. Jayanthi Natarajan received a huge round of applause when she assured that the UPA government will leave no stone unturned to pass the women’s bill in the Lok Sabha. She also noted that the bill has already been passed in the Rajya Sabha.
Suggestions by the Minister
She suggested an exclusive bus service for women, especially during the night, with adequate interior lighting and provisions for operation between 7 PM and 7 AM with women drivers. Calling for more women in the police force, Jayanthi Natarajan said of the total 16.6 lakh-strong police force, women constituted a mere 13.3 per cent (93,887). ‘’In the north-eastern State of Mizoram, there are no women police personnel at all, whereas in states like Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, the number of women police personnel is more,’’ she said.  The Minister added that women are not the weaker sex, they excel in various fields ranging from construction industry to space research.
Woman of Substance, Ms. Lethika Saran Says Help the Police to Curb Violence
 Ms. Lethika Saran, the Special Guest stated that women have become independent and they take decisions not only for themselves but also for their family. She recalled the gender sensitivity programs she had conducted during her service as the Director General of Police in Tamil Nadu. Now women have empowered themselves and they can balance their professional and personal life.
Ms. Lethika Saran noted in her special address that the root cause for all women related issues is the patriarchal society. She also said that if a legal issue is identified by the people it is the duty of the citizens to approach a local police station and file a case. She also added that approaching the police is often conceived as a threat to the prestige of the family. But the taboo is getting eliminated and the perception still needs to be changed.

 Dr. T. P. Ganesan, Pro-Vice Chancellor Planning and Development and Dr. P. Thangaraju, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Medical also spoke on the occasion. Dr. Jayashree Suresh , Dean, School of Management delivered the vote of thanks. A debate also held on the topic, “Who are responsible for sexual harassment, men or women?” A group of students represented each of the argument and put forth their ideas. Dr. Ramalingam, Professor, Department of Tamil, University of Madras moderated the debate. The program was truly turned out to be an inspiring element to the women folks of the University.

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