SRM University is engaged in certain social activities for the underprivileged children in and around Chengelpet and Kancheepuram districts.
One of the projects is Butterflies - the aim of this project is to "inspire change" and encourage children (specifically in government schools) to continue with their education and challenge the situation of dropping out of schools.
The Butterflies project is unique and is a convergence of 600 plus students from 25 government schools along with some accompanying teachers from these schools. The students are from the 6th to 9th Standard. Sports, cultural, literary competitions are held and the winners are given the prizes. Every year this is scheduled on the Republic Day & this year on the 26 January 2011, we move to the 4th edition of the event.
The programme - SRM students do the entire planning and logistics, and organize this day long programme. The SRM buses pick up the students in the morning and are received in the college. They are offered a welcome drink and the registration for sports cultural and literary activity takes place. 5-6 events in sports are conducted and the winners are put on the victory stand to receive the prizes. The school teachers are also photographed during the prize distribution ceremony.
Free gift to each student is distributed and a delicious lunch is hosted. Post lunch literary activities like painting, creativity and cultural activities are conducted and the prizes are distributed to the winners. The best school also gets a trophy. All participating schools also get a memento.
This initiative is supported by the Chief Education Officer. He sends an invitation to all the Government schools to participate. Butterflies' 11 is the fourth edition. A film celebrity is invited to give away the prizes to the winners. The school children are thrilled and enjoy the programme. They are overwhelmed that they are treated so well with so much of respect and dignity by SRM students. They are inspired by the campus infrastructure - Space, class rooms, labs of the university and promise to study and go to college. This is a unique initiative to inspire the underprivileged children.
This year, on 26 Jan 2011, SRM University played host to 17 schools from in and around Kanchipuram district. Butterflies'11 is an initiative of the Student Activity Centre to provide a platform for young students from classes 6-9 from government schools to exhibit their talents in various dimensions.
The day began with sports events, energy at its peak. Student enthusiastically participated in the races with full sportsman spirit. The enthusiasm to reach the finish line first was clearly visible.
Literary events followed next with the young kids showing their skills with wit at Quiz. The treat finally came in the form of the cultural events where the little children mesmerised the audience with their graceful dances leaving them wanting for more. The day also witnessed an eye camp organised for these students.
Govt. Higher Secondary School, Mannivakkam won the Best school award. Krithika from PUM School, Kattankulathur won a special mention for exceptional talent.
No wealth of the world could ever replace the smiles on the faces of the kids as they waved goodbye from their respective buses on their way back.

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