With innovative ideas that offer a peek into the future, three students of SRM University, doing their aerospace engineering are here to explore the possibilities of designing an aircraft with minimum or no propulsion noise. Airbus Fly Your Ideas is a contest that challenges students worldwide to develop new ideas to deliver a greener aviation industry. This competition is organised by aircraft manufacturer Airbus and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). The three geniuses, Anita Mohil, Balakrishnan Solaraju and Michael Thomas, have made it to the top five teams in the final leg of the competition that saw around 600+ teams participating. The team which is called team AVAS propose to reduce propulsion noise by means of jet exhaust shape modification using shape memory alloys. These alloys are energized by harvested electricity generated by advanced thermoelectric materials using engine heat source.
The other teams, which hail from Australia, Brazil, Italy and Malaysia, have equally brilliant ideas, which target fuel efficiency, traffic growth, passenger experience and community friendliness. These teams had to go through three stages of preliminary rounds with a final round and presentation that is to be held on the 14th of June in Paris, France. The winning team will receive a prize money of 30, 000 Euros and tickets to attend an air show that is to be held in Paris. The runners-up receive a prize money of 15,000 Euros. With team AVAS having an experienced member at hand, who has attended a similar competition in China, Flying into the future-Space Exploration Innovation Contest 2012, organized by the Chinese Society of Astronautics. With a team that's nearly perfect and the project mentor Mr. K. SAKTHIVEL, a SRM faculty member who has been the backbone of the team, the members hope to make it to the top notch. To say the least the team members are nothing less than exhilarated and have their hopes pinned on winning this competition as they take off to Paris.

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