The SRM University Aerospace Engineering Department has purchased Eurocopter BO-105 Helicopter for the courses like Helicopter Aerodynamics, Airframe Maintenance and Repair, Aircraft Systems and Instruments, Propulsion theory and Lab. We provide facilities to the students to support education and research across a range of special areas.
The students of Aerospace Engineering will gain professional knowledge on Eurocopter BO-105 as follows,
  • Helicopter Fundamentals - Basic directions, Flight Controls, Ground handling, Bearings, Gears.
  • Principle Of Flight - Aerodynamic principles, Effects on lift, Forces on the rotor, Dissymmetry of lift, Rotor heads, Aerodynamic characteristics, Blade tip stall, Autorotation, Stability, Flight control.
  • Main Rotor System - Rotor blades, Rotor head maintenance, Rotor blades, Blade alignment, Blade tracking.
  • Main Rotor Transmission - Engine transmission couplings, Driveshaft, Clutch, Rotor breake.
  • Tail Rotor - Operation, Tail Rotor driveshaft, Tail Rotor Blades.
  • Powerplants - Twin Engine Turbo shaft (Allision-Rolls-Royce, Engine Model: 250 C20B), Cooling systems.
  • Airframe - Structural components and materials, Airframe systems. Wheel and skid gear.

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