Maintaining that Research has an important career with incentives, the Secretary of the Science and Engineering Research Board of the Dept. of Science and Technology, Dr. T.K. Chandrashekar, argued that research and development efforts over the last two decades are paying dividends, especially in the realm of the health sector in India.
“Research and development activities may not yield results the next day but over a period of time it offers hope… the quality of life has gone up” Dr. Chandrashekar said while delivering the Chief Guest Address at SRM University’s Research Day celebrations. “No country can survive without research and development. Things have changed. The gap between the developed and developing countries is shrinking. And this is because of Research.
“In India we have reached the stage when we have enough money for Research” the top DST official said making the point that the Government of India has set apart Rs 90,000 crores for Research and Development that includes funding and setting up new research institutes. Dr. Chandrashekar complimented SRM University for coming up with the unique “Research Day”. “Inter-disciplinary research is the mantra of the day. SRM is the right place. You have the diversity” Dr. Chandrashekar said.
Picking on the theme of quality versus quantity, the President of SRM University Dr. P. Sathyanarayanan said that research should be all pervasive with a definite accent on quality and quality publications in high impact factor journals. “It is not the quantity that matters” the President said making the point SRM University has a separate Research Directorate with a concentration on Research.
“Without Research no country can develop” the Chancellor of SRM University, Dr. Paari Vendhar, said while announcing that SRM University is setting up a separate laboratory for Research in association with SIEMENS where researchers and students will be encouraged to work in diverse areas. “Research sharpens your knowledge and we have a long way to go” the Chancellor said. “Research is not just for the Professor. Everyone must have the habit of doing Research” he added.
As many as 121 projects with a total outlay of about Rs 53 crores from various funding agencies are being currently implemented at SRM University; in the last few years nearly 4400 papers have been published in national and international journals with nearly 1050 research scholars pursuing their Ph.D program in the University.

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