SRM Research Institute, a unit of SRM University, is a unique and exploratory initiative spearheaded by Prof. P. Sathyanarayanan, the Vice Chancellor of SRM University. It provides a creative, innovative, research ambience to help bring out the best from the researchers of the Research Institute.
In essence, the objective is to
  • Build intellectual firepower that can generate and assess ideas keeping ahead of the technology envelope all the time
  • Overcome the challenges of multi-party, multi-year collaborations and engineering cycles.
The body of knowledge developed by the faculty members of SRM University over the years is available for addressing the needs and challenges, and the faculty members and the student community virtually participate to support applied research and engineering activities.
Vision: To Identify / Create opportunities and research to deliver world-class products and services.
Mission: To carry out proactive and funded research activities by nurturing a talented research team that innovates.
The philosophy of the research institute is to distribute geographically to take advantage of the intellectual diversity. The research institute is already operational in Bangalore and the Chennai center is to be started soon. Each of these centers is focused on a niche research area(s) so as to collectively address a wide variety of problems. These centers are interlinked, interoperable, and are virtually co-located. The centers collectively and in a cooperative manner
  • Identify and initiate applied research projects
  • Create and combine patentable intellectual property (IP) components
  • Design and develop prototypes and proof of concepts
  • Manage and market products and solutions (through knowhow transferred incubated companies)
  • Win and work to deliver funded research projects.
The goals of the research institute, in general, are to
  • Publish papers in refereed International Journals and Conferences
  • File patent applications in market-dependent countries
  • Assert relationship with multi-national research labs
  • Submit proposals to federal funding agencies.
The research institute works in a proactive manner to lay a foundation for work in a particular area and based on this foundational work, submits concrete proposals to corporate R&D labs and government funding agencies. The research institute is keen to offer applied research and development services and explicitly demonstrate the value added.
SRM RI is headed by Dr. Sridhar V who has over twenty three years of research and industry experience. He holds a doctorate in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and is a Senior Member of IEEE and ACM professional societies. He has published widely and has over one hundred and forty technical publications in refereed international conferences and journals. Dr. Sridhar has been a co-inventor in thirty three invention disclosures filed in USPTO with eight patent grants and additionally, two 'Notice of Allowances' have been issued. Sridhar has successfully led and is leading a group of researchers to explore research topics, develop proof of concepts, publish technical papers in international conferences and journals, and explore new ideas and file patent applications in USPTO and in other patent offices. The focus is to work in the broad areas of communication, computation leading to the design and development of algorithms, analytical models, and simulation systems, and drive applied research in a variety of technological areas.

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