Fresh Talents Flood Shuru

Shuru'11, the fresher's day celebration of SRM University Kattankulathur campus, was organized on 27th August in the Dr. T.P Ganesan Auditorium. This was an ideal platform for the newbies of SRM University to showcase their talents. The idea behind the program was to introduce the new entrants to the various extra-curricular activities organized in the campus. Prof. Venkataramani, Director of Campus Life was the Chief Guest for the occasion. Dr. Muthamizhchelvan, Director of engineering and technology, was the Guest of honor. Mr. Sri Karthik (Finalist of Jodi No: 1), Ms. Arundhati Ghanwar, The Dean, Information Technology and Knowledge Management, Ms. T.N. Sharanya, (trained singer and a classical dancer, disciple of Shri Roja Kannan) judged the events throughout the day. Ms. Anuradha Parakkat, Director, CASM and Ms. Kala Sridhar, Students Coordinator, CASM were the other panelists. The events included dance, music, variety show and fashion show, with interactive sessions in between which revived the intensity of the audience. "I am so proud to be an SRM-ite. I am looking forward to the next four years here", said Aditi, an excited fresher. "The program was fun and entertaining", she added.
The program began with the welcome speech by cultural secretaries, Sravanth Mouli and Srishti Baruah followed by a dynamic dance performance by the University Dance team. The array of events continued with the newcomers grooving in solo and groups to popular numbers. The audience' pulse quickened as the host band performed which persisted with the instrumental and solo music performances. The variety show challenged the performers to tickle the audience's funny bone in just two minutes. The fashion show turned the already frenzied audience bonkers. "We are really amazed and glad with what the seniors did for us and the effort they put in to made this a huge success", said Faizal a fresh face. The excitement was unlimited and fun was infectious among the crowd.
On a serious note, Mr Subramaniam Jayaraman, Founder of Nayana Jyoti Trust, Banglore highlighting his motto "Pledge to Donate" spoke about the importance of organ donation and how it could save many lives. This was followed by a skit by 'Badlega Bharath', an NGO run by the students of SRM University, which held up the burning issue of corruption in India today. Apart from the events that took place in the main auditorium, there were stalls put up on the first floor lobby, for the various clubs of our university, in which the freshers could enroll themselves.
The exhilarating evening came to an end with Prof. Venkataramani and the other judges, giving away the prizes to all the winners. 'Pandemonium' was declared the Most Entertaining Team and Alwin and Rhea were crowned as Mr. and Ms. Fresher's respectively. Treasurer Rajaram, concluded the show with the vote of thanks, on behalf of the Students Activity Centre.

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